From multi-billion dollar IPOs to never-before-seen levels of philanthropy, young Americans are achieving amazing things every day. With the right support, Millennials and Gen Z can and will build a brighter future for their peers.


To further that cause, GenBiz exists to gives a voice to the new generation of entrepreneurs who are already leading our new American economy. By sharing their stories, real-life experiences and advice, we help our country’s future decision-makers understand the ways local, state and federal government policies can help or hinder aspiring entrepreneurs to start, grow and run their businesses. Stay on top of the newest ideas, creations and trends to help you on your road to success.


Founded in 2013 as an organization dedicated to helping college students and recent graduates become more financially literate and assisting them in understanding the role of business, the economy and government policies, GenBiz has evolved to also inspire and support emerging entrepreneurs. We supply education, stories and real-life experiences to help young Americans overcome barriers on the path to success in business – the lifeblood of the nation’s economy.


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David Grasso

Executive Editor

David Grasso began his career in television news. He is a journalist and specializes in creating content about startups and entrepreneurship. He regularly interviews more than a dozen entrepreneurs and change-makers weekly on several content platforms and also does media appearances to promote conversations about the power of entrepreneurship. David holds an M.A. in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Julia Sun


Julia Sun is a television host specializing in curated content for Millennial and Gen-Z viewers. She currently appears on Reuters Television, Bold TV and Bookstr. Julia began her TV career hosting a nationally syndicated lifestyle show and soon expanded into programs of all kinds. She has interviewed star CEOs and founders, presidential candidates, Olympic and Super Bowl athletes, and Hollywood celebrities. Julia holds a B.S. degree from the College of Engineering at Cornell University.  

Cheyenne Reid

Executive Producer

Cheyenne Reid is the senior producer for Bold TV. She produces live shows, field shoots and one-off interviews covering business, politics, and lifestyle content on all of Bold TV’s outlets. With her experience in documentary film and her writing background, Cheyenne is keenly adept at providing and distributing content for media platforms. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in English Literature. 

Sam Bloomquist

Senior Editor & Host

Sam Bloomquist handles the production and distribution of GenBiz’s digital content. With an extensive writing background and experience in the sports media industry, Sam uses his diverse set of skills to supply an array of written and video content for GenBiz. Sam also works as a producer for a majority of GenBiz’s content. He is a native of Rochester, NY, and a graduate of SUNY Cortland with a dual bachelor’s degree in Media Production and Professional Writing.

Maggie Gared

Senior Editor & Host

Maggie Gared has reported in New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C., covering a variety of local, national, and foreign events. She has since focused her craft toward the business and content creation worlds. She is currently a contributor to GenBiz, focusing on business journalism for the Millennial reader. Maggie Garred is pursuing a graduate degree in multimedia journalism student at New York University. 

Justin Dent

Executive Director

Justin Dent is the co-founder and Executive Director of Ethos. Justin founded Ethos as a peer-to-peer learning network to support minority and first-generation learners with tools for financial success while a student at the University of Maryland. At UMD, Justin served as Senior Vice President and Provost. He has since grown Ethos into a national nonprofit, supporting more than 18,000 learners annually with tools for successful personal and professional lives in the innovation economy. Justin is a recognized voice on higher education transformation with appearances in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business and The Hill.


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