The Experience of Becoming an Entrepreneur

by | Nov 27, 2019

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Maurice Assia is the CEO of Chosen Comforts and Chad Brittian is the CEO of NVS Design. They drop by the Bold TV studio to discuss the entrepreneurial journey and how it can differ from company to company and even person to person.

Assia started his journey in a company that delivered food right to people’s doors. Assia talks about the plight of starting a venture of something that you don’t think will succeed. Despite seizing an opportunity when it was presented to him, Assia didn’t think people would be privy to getting food delivered to them.

Brittian started NVS Design during the recession 10 years ago. It was a discouraging process asthe country’s economy was in bad shape and many people questioned why he would start a business at that time. Since then, Brittian has created a sustainable company that has been succeeding for almost a decade.

Both stress that entrepreneurship comes with a lot of growing pains. Many ventures can be disasters, and it is tough and gritty work. But no matter the circumstance, you always can take your future into your own hands and find a way to make the business work. Entrepreneurship gives you the true value of working for yourself.