PriceWaiter Gets You Low Prices By Negotiating

by | Nov 27, 2019

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PriceWaiter can be your way out of relying on major savings during Black Friday. It is an online platform that sells electronics, sporting goods and clothing through negotiations. Stephen Culp is the co-founder and CEO of PriceWaiter and he comes into the Bold TV studio to discuss how his website gives you the upper hand during your season of holiday shopping.

With PriceWaiter you set your own price for an item. Then, through negotiations with the seller, you work out a price and pay it in real-time. No waiting, no bidding, no stress. Culp knows that people can be uncomfortable with negotiating, so PriceWaiter has a private and safe method of negotiating the best price.

Products come in one to three days and make negotiating accessible for the normal person. This modernized style of negotiating makes this online platform simple, safe and private for everybody.