Picking Work-Life Integration Over Work-Life Balance

by | Nov 27, 2019

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Dana Look-Arimoto is the owner of Phoenix Five, an advisory firm, and the author of “Stop Settling, Settle Smart.” She comes into the Bold TV studio to discuss the importance of work-life integration and mental health as you push for your best career possible. Working your way up the ranks could be exhausting, and you can be expected of doing more and more every day. Look-Arimoto explains how you can manage your life in a successful manner.

There is a huge difference between work-life balance and work-life integration. Work-life balance causes burnout in the workforce. When you are constantly being tugged in every direction, you can get exhausted by the continual process of making it all work out. Work-life integration allows you to make conscious trade-offs and voluntary decisions to make your life healthier.

Instead of pushing harder and harder every day, taking a break can be a performance enhancer. It is important to work hard and do the right thing at work, but you need to be wary of when your employer is asking you to do too much.