Connecting In Real Life With #IRLCONN

by | Nov 25, 2019

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The In Real Life Connections conference is an event that allows students, entrepreneurs and professionals to network and build their career. Founder and Executive Director Kelly Pierre-Louis says the #IRLCONN focuses on career preparedness and mentorship opportunities.

The conference is set apart by diversity in presenters and ideas. It’s not like every other business conference where all the speakers say the same thing. It also focuses on a variety of topics including money, technology, career development, education and business wellness. Pierre-Louis says when you are your best self, you produce your best work. Everyone at the conference has value, both the speakers and the attendees.

For young people, Pierre-Louis encourages them to think of entrepreneurship as a mindset. She says it takes tenacity to get from a concept to an actual business. She says you must have the mindset that you can make it happen.