Briana Owens and Her Hip-Hop Inspired Spin Classes

by | Nov 25, 2019

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Spiked Spin is a hip-hop inspired, high-intensity spin class for underserved communities. Founder Briana Owens noticed that the fitness classes she loved had little diversity and almost all had the same model. She saw a hole and filled it.

Spiked Spin bring boutique fitness to communities such as Bedstuy, Brooklyn, the location of her grand opening last weekend. Spiked Spin is on ClassPass, an app that allows monthly subscribers to attend various fitness classes all throughout the city. Owens talks about the rigorous process to having a building in New York City but is already looking into her next community because she wants to scale quickly.

Owens said her gym is the product of hard work. She put her head down and worked every day to build a community and audience that would support her mission. She said that entrepreneurs learn a lot about themselves as they put their vision into place.