Saffron Road’s Foods Are Blending Cultures

by | Nov 21, 2019

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Saffron Road Foods Executive Vice President Jack Acree says their foods and snacks are a blending of cultures. They’re meant to take customers on a journey around the world, all in their own home with Indian, Thai and Korean meals.

The company launched in 2010 and offered the first frozen-food entrees that had protein without antibiotics and were vegetarian-fed. The company focused on creating products with expeller-pressed oils, as opposed to using a solvent. They also focused on products without antibiotics. Acree says he saw the opportunity to bring Saffron Foods to the mass market while also encouraging other brands to care about what’s in the products that customers consume.

Acree advises other entrepreneurs to learn the needs of those around them, both their employees and their customers. He also says that it’s a long process to get into and to understand the food business. Be aware of the pitfalls and make plans to get around them before you begin to invest.