Want a Well Paying Job? Get to Know Big Data

by | Oct 24, 2019

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Written by David Grasso
Repurposed by Samuel Bloomquist

  • Big data has been finding a way to make an impact in nearly every industry in the market today.


  • Data is a group of facts that has been formatted to be easily read by computers. From there, the data you create is being used by advertisers.


  • Going on social media, ordering a ride, shopping online and other digital services that you use help to compile your own personal data.


  • Work in big data will be a highly sought-after profession in the coming years as the industry continues to grow.


In an age of a not-so-hot job market for recent grads, you might want to consider getting better acquainted with big data.

Big data is radically changing the way the world works. Consider that 90 percent of the data that exists in the world was created in the past two years. Data analytics and the importance of being able to smartly tell a story with data is showing up in nearly every industry and every level of government.

In general, data is a group of facts that has been translated into a format that is easily digested by computers. All of us create data in our everyday lives. When you’re on Facebook, ordering a car on Uber, using your credit cards, or googling something, you’re creating personal data that advertisers are very interested in understanding and using for a number of purposes.

The sum of all this data is known as big data. Big data and the digital economy should matter to you because that’s where there will be much job growth in the coming decades.

To properly sort through all of this data, many organizations will need to hire legions of people to analyze the unprecedented amount of information that’s available. Ultimately, that data can inform decisions aimed at increasing profit margins or improving efficiency.

The consulting firm McKinsey estimates that between 140,000-190,000 data scientists will be needed in the next few years. Starting salaries for these positions are often well over $100,000 a year.

This job bonanza won’t just be limited to data scientists. Anyone who has a good understanding of how to leverage findings from big data into practical solutions will be extremely valuable to employers.

“Having a basic literacy in data analysis or data science is going to give any potential job candidate a leg up in their job search in almost every modern industry,” Feldman said.

You can’t beat the robots, so you should join them. As the economy is disrupted by technology, many traditional jobs will disappear and will be replaced by computers. Make sure you’re on the right side of the coming digital divide and cozy up to big data.

Having big data skills may mean the difference between employment and unemployment in the coming decades.