Learn how the Creators of NerdOut Made a Career of Gaming

by | Sep 29, 2019

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GenBiz’s David Grasso speaks with Jack D. Fox, the creator of NerdOut, a platform with millions of views on YouTube. He produces videos and songs for his audience that relate to prominent movies and video games. Fox also hosts massive online video game tournaments through NerdOut, a growing phenomenon in the gaming community.

Fox shares his journey on becoming a high-profile YouTuber. It is challenging to create a sustainable career through gaming, but it’s something that is his passion. He saw through the continuous grind of getting off of the ground and now gets paid to do something he loves. He discusses the business model that he follows through ad sales, Spotify and iTunes streams and other non-traditional forms of income that keep his business going. 

Fox advises those wanting to start their own YouTube business. He always has relied on posting consistent, high-quality content and makes sure that he delivers what his audience is expecting. Fox also talks about different collaborations with other influencers and how this can breathe new life into his content.